Our team have been providing financial, sponsorship and transformation solutions to entrepreneurs for decades. Over the last couple of years, we started thinking about digitising our business model to take it to the next level.

Specifically, we wanted to address 3 main areas:

  1. Scaling a sports business to a global footprint that operates on a traditional model of face to face contact is super hard.
  2. Sports entrepreneurs in Birmingham, Alabama face pretty much the same challenges as in Birmingham, England. So we figured, if we could create a package up from our most popular services and make them available digitally 24/7 then we could provide solutions globally not just locally.
  3. We saw in many professional service sectors like finance, accountancy and law that it’s now the norm for independent organisations to keep their identity and freedom but attach to a hub or umbrella organisation to obtain many business services on an outsourced basis thereby saving time, money and adding on demand solutions. But, it hadn’t happened yet in sports.

So we set about creating the first mover advantage by building a platform dedicated solely to global sports entrepreneurs and organisations. We know that most conversations start with a financial need – maybe sponsorship is needed, a new commercial partner or a finance package.

This is our bread and butter driven from over 25 years’ experience. But, we realised there is so much more that a sports organisation wants and needs. So, from our platform subscribers can get access to;

Wrapped around our entire project was affordability. The current business climate means that the largest sports federation to the smallest agency have to be cost conscious.

We saw that many entrepreneurs knew they were ready to transform their businesses but ended up being discouraged due to the cost of getting solid advice and finding capital or sponsorship. It remains a cornerstone of Athletz’ to democratise access for all sports entrepreneurs to access whatever they need to transform their businesses.

And then the COVID-19 Pandemic arrived, causing most of the world to stop travelling and meeting up with people. The need for digitally delivered solutions went from nice to have to a must have. We redoubled our budgets and halved the delivery timescale so we could lean in and help the business in the sport community deal with the weather and come out fighting fit.

We are delighted to announce that Athletz is open, live and ready to help sports entrepreneurs from all over the world thrive and prosper.