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We’re excited to showcase our services for sports entrepreneurs. Everything we do is focused on providing financial, sponsorship & transformation solutions for the business in sport community. As you progress from a free price plan to ‘pro’ and then onto ‘expert’ more of the services you see below are included in your monthly cost. If you’re looking at bringing sponsorship and capital into your organisation then we recommend the expert price plan, if you want lots of support & resources we recommend the pro price plan and if you’re trying us out & want to get to know us, why not start with the free price plan.  You can upgrade anytime & subject to a minimum subscription period of 90 days you can also cancel.     

Sports Capital & Sponsorship

Many subscribers rate our capital and sponsorship service the #1 reason for being part of the Athletz family. 

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Ready to transform your organisation by merging, buying or selling? 

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Succession Planning for Sports Entrepreneurs

Advice for Sports Decision Makers

Access our English speaking livechat team (humans not bots!) 24/7 & our transformation specialists 0800-1800 UK.

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Let us do the heavy lifting & help you find the service provider you need from our global network. 

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Connections for Sports Entrepreneurs

Sports Business Insurance

Many sports businesses and organisations do not have appropriate business insurance in place & are taking unnecessary financial & litigation risk.  

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Get started here to find special offers from companies we work with ourselves & have fully vetted.

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Recommended Solutions

Sports Webinars

You’re invited to weekly webinars covering sports interviews, training & discussions 

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You’re invited to our coffee shop meet-ups all around the world  

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Events for Subscribers

Library of Sports Contracts

An ever growing selection of template contracts and documents for you to use  

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Weekly blogs & podcasts for you to read & use in your own marketing. We have a lot to say! Every week we add blogs and podcasts to our platform. And we create content so that our subscribers can drag and drop anything they like into their own material. We try hard to create provocative & relevant thinking specific to the many sports stakeholders we cater to & our views are never plagiarised from others. Tell us what you like, don’t like & what we should cover next.

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Resources for Subscribers


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