Historically, many sports have benefitted from world class athletes originating from the African continent but rarely, if ever, have the 154 countries that make up the continent become a hub & location for world class competition. Within 10 years this will change. The demographics (Over half the region’s population is under 23 years old) are a hot bed of all the raw material needed for new sporting teams, competitions & events to be held on the continent itself.

Nothing will stop an 8-year-old from Addis Ababa following his Barcelona heroes, but there will also be world class football, cycling, athletics, basketball… on his doorstep. The commercial opportunities for brands to get early mover advantage in these untapped consumer markets is enormous. Rather than just scouting African athletes to play in western leagues, many high-profile sports will launch continental leagues and athletes will be able to stay home, be financially successful and lay the foundations for the generations following to put African sporting competitions on the map.