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We are strategic investors in sports agencies providing you with operational support, brand, value add advice & access to capital.   

We believe entrepreneurs should never be turned into employees so we want you to continue to lead & inspire your organisation whilst we power your growth with capital and practical support.  Aspiring to be the partnership of choice for entrepreneurial agents we look for those firms who put integrity first & want to get back to what they love – doing deals and seeing clients. With Athletz, you join a partnership of global talent, you don’t become a number.  

Why Become an Athletz partner?

  • We handle your compliance with your sports federation 
  • We run your back office
  • We sort out all your insurances
  • We manage your CRM & social media  
  • We help you win new clients, deals and mandates
  • We help you hire, train and retain staff
  • You have access to our partners all over the world to share ideas, best practise & increase deal flow 

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We believe that sports agencies and intermediaries have an essential & assured role to play in the commercialisation of sport. Commercial deals & transfers ultimately all rely upon consumer interest. Despite the challenges of 2020 we’re on track to see 34% of all consumer leisure time being spent on following, playing or watching professional sport. When we factor in the rollout of 5G, the exponential growth of esports & pro-womens sports and the opportunities for NCAA athletes in the US to commercialise, the future for agents is very bright indeed.


However, instead of being able to focus on the reason they entered the industry – to establish and maintain relationship with clients, many agents find they’re facing a multitude of headwinds ranging from downward pressure on fees, increased competition, a limited talent pool, not enough capital, increased red tape and licensing requirements. To make the most of the opportunities, agents need to mitigate these headwinds and add in some tailwinds too! Here’s where we can help.

Whatever professional sport you operate within, there are two ways to partner with us

  1. Equity Partner – whether you’re running a well-established agency or just starting out on your own, you like the idea of tapping into our capital and help to realise your ambitions & monetise your hard work when it comes time to wind down     
  2. Affiliate Partner – maybe you’d like to buy some of the services we offer on a pay to play basis but aren’t ready yet for us to be financially involved in your business. No problem, we have affordable monthly subscription models that get you what you need.