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We are a small team of seasoned investors who understand sports agencies inside and out. We help you transform and create a next generation company.


The creative spirits. The underdogs. The non-conformists. The determined. The outsiders. The defiant. The independent thinkers and The fighters. These are the sports agency founders with whom we partner. 

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We provide capital and practical help to empower sports agencies to grow faster with us than they could alone. We are a group of seasoned financiers and entrepreneurs who have been doing deals in sports for nearly 30 years


Sports Blog

Weekly blogs and podcasts for you to read and use in your own marketing. We have a lot to say! Every week we add blogs and podcasts to our platform. We create content so that you can drag and drop anything they like into your own material. We try hard to create provocative and relevant thinking specific to the many sports stakeholders we cater to and our views are never plagiarised from others. Tell us what you like, don’t like and what we should cover next.


Sports Podcast

We are very fortunate to meet and interview some of the most interesting & innovative names in sports agency for your listening pleasure. From time to time you’ll also hear us record a rant a bit about topics that get our blood pressure up! Take a look at our library here on our site or download from apple, spotify & all good podcast stores



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